As a photographer Bert wanted a website to show his photos to the world. I created a website for him where his photos are the main subject. With a clean and simple interface his portfolio works well on any device. Bert can manage his photos on his own with Active Admin.

I used Ruby on Rails as a basis to create the website. To structure the JavaScript codebase I used Backbone.js.




During my trip in South-East Asia I would take 2 photos each day; one with the forward facing camera and one with the backwards facing camera of my phone. I published these on my website as a diary so my family and friends knew how I was doing and where I was.

Because I took these photos with my smartphone I was able to use the GPS location to show on a map where each photo was taken. I used this same information to post a wheather report. I felt this gave a more complete picture of what my daily life looked like.

This project is based on Ruby on Rails and structured with Backbone.js.




Hanneke Mous runs her own consultancy company and wanted to renew her website with a fresh look in order to attract new customers. I created a wireframe to structure the flow of data and to quickly integrate customer feedback into the design.

After the design phase I build this website on the Laravel framework. It was important to the customer that her website was accessible on any type of device. I used Bootstrap to make it responsive across the board.

Another key feature for this customer was to manage her own content. In the end we decided to do this on the front-end.



When I was young I was already drawn to wide world of the web. I started out creating my own websites in Notepad: here my love for the web was born. I’ve worked on various projects and for various companies. Below you can find a more detailed view of my journey to becoming a developer.


Shown below is the approximate knowledge I have on each subject.


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